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Signature Moves
Additional Attack
Litchi shoots her staff in three directions depending on button used. A version shoots upward, B version shoots straight, C version is shoots downward.

Four Winds
Litchi's staff spins around in blur before returning to her

Kote Gaeshi
Litchi moves the rod forward or backwards, depending on the directional input.

Reach: Last Chance
Litchi leaps on top of her staff.

Reach: Robbing the Kong
Litchi jumps towards rod and flings it at opponent

Straight Through
Litchi's staff wraps around her, guarding her from attacks.

Three Dragons: Green
Litchi performs an upward kick.

Three Dragons: Red
Litchi flips and comes down with an overhead kick

Three Dragons: White
a low-hitting sweep

Tsubame Gaeshi / Swallow Return
Litchi throws her rod upwards. The rod will then slam down down in front of her.

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