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Signature Moves
Apollo's Bow
Kratos pulls out a flaming bow and fires off two arrows.

Divine Lift
Kratos uppercuts his opponent into the air with his blades; if @term=attack2@ is held, he will slowly rise up with them, and be able to follow up with a further attack.

Golden Fleece
Kratos dons the legendary golden fleece, and if struck whilst wearing it, counters with a powerful blade slice.

Head of Helios
Kratos pulls out the disembodied head of the Greek sun god and it conjures forth a blinding flash.

Hermes Dash
Kratos performs a shoulder charge that leaves a flaming trail.

Nemean Cestus
Kratos whips forward his blades on chains and sticks the opponent with them. He then slides forward and jabs the blades into their gut, and follows up by taking a giant, lion-shaped gauntlet to their skull. The move is named after the Nemean Lion, a monstrous beast with nigh-impenetrable skin, and cestus, the traditional battle glove of pankration.

Olympic Ascension
Straight blade strike.

The Wrath of Olympus
Using the Blade of Olympus, Kratos slashes his opponent thrice, jumps on the opponent and stabs them with the sword, then pulls the blade out again and fatally strikes the opponent.

Violent Spartan
Kratos lifts up his opponent and jabs them in the gut with his blade three times, then pulls the blade out and tosses them.

Zeus's Rage
Kratos jabs his blade into the opponent's gut and pulls it out forcefully, bringing them to their knees. One of the attack buttons then briefly appears on the screen, and if the correct button is pressed, Kratos will momentarily put his blades away to punch the opponent in the face.

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