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Signature Moves
Bombs Away
Joker drops a smiley face bomb and cowers away. If the bomb explodes in the opponent's vicinity, they are damaged and popped up.

Joker glows yellow as he dances and laughs, building up his Rage Meter.

Magic Trick
Joker disappears in a cloud of green smoke, obscuring his next movement and setting up for one of four unique attacks. Joker can also use either of his grapple moves from this move.

Magik Trickz
Six-hit punch auto-combo with an uppercut ender.

Psycho Crusher
Put It There Pal
Joker sticks out his hand, which has a joybuzzer on the palm. If the opponent strikes Joker in this pose, they are electrocuted.

Razor Card Barrage
Joker flings several playing cards that stick into the opponent. The final one is elegantly tossed into the forehead.

Sinister Heels
Joker slides forward and grabs the opponent by the collar, then strikes them three times with his heel.

Surprise Bomb
Joker slides out of the green cloud with a smiley face bomb in his hands; detonation hits mid with pop-up.

Surprise Pistol Whip
Joker slides out of the green cloud and smacks the opponent with a pistol. Hits high.

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