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Signature Moves
Air Joe
Joe rapidly unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks.

Desperado / Six Cannon
Joe pulls out a massive laser cannon, charges it up briefly, and fires it at the foe. Silvia can be seen riding in the cannon.

Groovy Uppercut
Anti-air uppercut with a wide hitbox due to Joe's massive dome.

Mach Speed
Joe speeds up time for himself, catching on fire while rapidly bashing the opponent. The final hit launches the foe into the air.

Red Hot Kick
Joe's feet begin to blaze as he shoots down toward his foe, potentially striking them with a kick.

Shocking Pink
Joe lobs a large pink bomb with a "V" printed on it. This bomb can be knocked around the field, and is capable of bouncing against solid objects. After a few seconds, the bomb goes off, damaging any character touching it - including Joe himself, or his partner. Up to two bombs may be placed on the field at one time.

Slow & Zoom In
Joe kicks at the opponent. If this connects, the camera zooms in on Joe and the foe. The mask on Joe's helmet slides into place, and the opponent proceeds to attempt an attack, which comes out in slow motion. Joe dodges slowly, moving behind his enemy. Whilst behind them, Joe performs a short kick, followed by an uppercut that rockets the opponent into the air. Joe leaps into the air and performs an extravagant pose next to the opponent, damaging them with the accompanying flash.

Viewtiful God Hand
Joe grabs his opponent and rubs them with his hands, transferring his "Slow" state to the enemy. Nicknamed the rather vulgar and unfortunate "Viewtiful Handjob" by fans, as Joe appears to be rubbing most foes' crotches.

Joe tosses his signature bladed weapon at the foe, which then returns to him.

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