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Signature Moves
Almond Shot / Under Almond Shot (low)
Overhand energy football toss with @term=abtn@, low football kick with @term=bbtn@.

Catches a projectile and throws it back on release (can be held indefinitely).

Head Crush
Johnny leaps up and descends headfirst, range depending on strength pressed. With full HERO Meter, spins for more hits.

Hyper Johnny Special
If Johnny connects with his quick punch, he'll punt the opponent into the air, hammer them down, and follow up with a head crush. With full HERO Meter, he'll throw a torrent of energy footballs before headcrushing.

Johnny Special
Punts opponent into the air then shoulder-charges them all the way to the opposite corner.

Lightning Tackle
Anti-air shoulder attack.

Shoulder Charging Crush
Forward charge attack.

Sliding Kick

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