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Signature Moves
Air Dash
Hsien-Ko runs on thin air.

Chinese Bomb / Chuukadan
Hsien-Ko deploys a comically oversized bomb whose timer gradually ticks down and then explodes, damaging anyone in its vicinity. Prior to explosion it can be moved about the battlefield via attacks and other projectiles.

Guillotine Swing / Senpuu Bu
On chains produced from her massive sleeves, she swings back and forth briefly slicing at her foe. Press @term=anykick@ to detach at any time during the swing.

Houten Geki
The opponent is subjected to a spinning blender of claws.

Reflect Gong / Henkyou Ki
She produces a gong and strikes it, the resulting waves can reflect a projectile.

Hsien-Ko's talisman separates and returns to the form of her sister so she can fight at full power. She has super armor, can't throw or be thrown, and the properties of her normals change. Recovery on the Dark Force is longer the further you are from Lin-Lin at the end.

Rising Soul Blade / Chireitou
She summons giant blades from the ground up.

Spikes From Heaven / Tenrai Ha
She drops a massive weight from her sleeve, and spiked balls literally fall from Heaven.

Weapon Throw / Anki Hou
She tosses a semi-random object at her foe. Strength of punch determines angle.

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