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Signature Moves
Bat Country
Sektor transforms into a large purple bat and flies past his opponent, decapitating them.

Chest Missile / Straight Missile
Sektor's chest opens up and a missile flies out.

Double Missile
Sektor fires two missiles at the opponent.

Flame On / Flame Burner
Sektor fires a flamethrower from his wrist.

Sektor burns the opponent to death with a flamethrower mounted on his wrist.

Homing Missile
Sektor fires a missile from his chest that temporarily tracks the opponent.

Rocket Uppercut / Teleport Uppercut, Rocket Punch
Sektor disappears beneath the ground and reappears with a rising uppercut. In later games, this is accompanied by floating Matrix-style binary.

Strength Tester
A high striker appears and Sektor hits it with a mallet, hitting the bell.

Trash Compactor
Two platforms shoot out of Sektor's chest - one above the foe, and one below. They together and crush the foe between them.

Upward Missile / Up Missile
Sektor leans back a bit and fires a missile straight up, which comes back down in the opponent's general position.

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