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Signature Moves
Air Dash
Jedah glides forward, angled slightly down (he has no backwards airdash). The dash itself has an attack hitbox.

Dio Segah
Jedah chucks a decent sized scythe at his foe.

Finale Rosso / Fiore Rosso
Bloody hands drag his opponent below and beat on them momentarily.

Ira Piano
Foregoing the grab dive of Ira Sprinta, Jedah turns into a spinning blade instead.

Ira Sprinta
Jedah hovers momentarily, before diving at his foe. If he grabs them, he carries them up into the air, then drills them into the floor cackling maniacally. Press @term=anypunch@ before the dive to transition to Ira Piano.

Nero Fatica / Nero Fatika
Jedah swipes at his foe, imprisoning them in blood for a big scythe blow.

Prova Di Servo
Jedah sends a bloody hand out across the floor which "inks them up" then slaps them onto his blood contract.

San Passare
Jedah administers an involuntary transfusion of his own blood, inflating a body part to bursting.

Santo Arrio
Free-flight mode

Jedah explodes his own head at the opponent.

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