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Dragon Ball Z Series
Android 18
a.k.a. Jinzōningen 18, Cyborg 18, Artificial Human 18
Akira Toriyama
Ukyo Tachibana (Samurai Shodown!) says...
What a wimp. Hack, ahem!
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Signature Moves
Android 18 fires green energy at her foe.

Combination A1
Combination A2
Combination B1
Combination B2
Android 18 throws a punch, a spinning, roundhouse, finishes off by grab her opponent's leg and slams him/her to the ground.

Destructo Disk / Kienzan, Energy Circle Beheading
Android 18 creates a thin, flat blade of energy and hurls it at her opponent.

Infinity Hold
Android 18 charges towards her foe and slams him/her to the ground.

Savage Combo
Ultimate Blaster
rapid-fire variation of the Blaster

Violence Hold

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