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Signature Moves
Back Crack / Back Breaker
Jax slings his foe over his shoulder and drops from the air, cracking their back.

Body Slam
Jax slams his opponent's body on the opposite side of him.

Double Missile / Double Rocket Blast
Jax fires a missile from each fist.

Fist Dash / Dash Punch
Jax rushes across the screen with his fist out.

Fist Missile / Rocket Blast
Jax fires a missile from his fist.

Gotcha Grab
Jax grabs his opponent by the throat and punches them a couple of times. Mashing makes more punches.

Ground Pound
Jax strikes the ground with his fist, causing the foe to take damage and stumble if he or she is not in the air.

Head Pop
Jax forcefully claps his hands on either side of his foe's head, smashing the head into pieces.

Machine Gun / Gun Runner
Jax fires off a few rounds from a machine gun.

Mashing increases the number of Body Slams.

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