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Signature Moves
Amazing Shredder / 幻菴うつせみ脱皮, Gen-an Utsusemi Dappi
Variant of Super Shredder that doesn't require Gen-an to be hit first.

Blood Grip / 爪つまみ, Tsume Tsunami
Extends his claw on a rope and pulls the opponent closer.

M.D.C. (Madou Diving Claw) / 魔道ダイビングクロー
Gen-an charges forward recklessly in an attempt to drill the guts out of his opponent.

Poison Cloud Puff / 毒吹雪, Doku Fubuki
Exhales a large purple cloud that damages as well as stuns an opponent momentarily.

SD Transform
Slaughterhouse Tumble / 肉転突き, Nikuten Tsuki
Gen-an rolls towards his opponent slashing, and rebounds on impact.

Super Shredder / 幻菴脱皮, Gen-an Dappi
Gen-an sheds his own skin and performs a vertical Slaughterhouse Tumble.

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