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Signature Moves
Armageddon Buster / Harmageddon Buster
In RB and RBS, Franco knocks the opponent into the air followed by a period where the player can input directions and attacks to create a followup combo. If no input is made, Franco will just flex and pose. In RBFF2, a successful first hit results in a double-armed hammerblow follow up.

Barom Punch
Rushing overhead bash.

Bash Tornado
Long roundhouse kick.

Double Kong
One-two punch combo. In Franco's later swollen incarnation, the first punch leaves a shadow fist image which he smashes with the second blow.

Golden Bomber
Quick forward rush hook, with sparkles.

Guts Dunk
Big rising kick followed by a geyser slam.

Megaton Screw
If Franco's rush connects, he crouches down and blasts the opponent into the air with a tornado punch.

Rising uppercut.

Waving Blow
One-two punch sending the opponent into the other plane.

Zapper / Meteo Shot (RBFF)
A big blow that creates a shockwave.

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