Tobal Character Movelist


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Tobal No. 1

Tobal No. 1
Throw Moves
German Suplex (back)+
Command Moves
Dash Straight Kick (run)
Rising Knee / Knee Kick +
Aurora Salute / Aurora Salt, Aurora Sault +
Epon strikes with a side flipping kick
White Kick +
Epon attacks with a spinning jump kick
Primsome Upper / Rainbow Upper +
Epon performs a spinning uppercut
Lethal Epon /+
Epon delivers a spinning sidekick while stepping to the side.
Middle Kick +
Horse Kick / Plain Spin Kick +
Aerial /(run)+
Slant Blow +
Aurora Rain +
Epon attacks with a forward cartwheel kick
[Back to opponent] Tanharubado
[Back to opponent] Primsome Knuckle
String Move
Death Bash +
Epon spins while delivering a upper and lower kick
Bloody Mary +
Roundhouse, uppercut, sweep
Death Spiral +
Roundhouse, uppercut, cartwheel
Aurora Dance +
One-Two High Kick
Two punches and a high kick
Mirage Combo / Soul Attack
Epon punches three times and finishes it off with a cartwheel kick
Combo Triple
Punch, sidekick, sweep
Mystic Strike
Mystic Sneak
Mystic Lightning

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