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Signature Moves
100 Fist Blow / 百烈拳
Mashed rapid fist strikes.

100 Kick Blow / 百烈蹴
Series of rapid kicks with back to the ground, followed by a vaulting kick with both legs. The rapid kicks defeat projectiles.

Air Throw "Budget Dragon" / 空中投げ"龍落"
Simply snatch opponent out of the air and throw them to the ground.

Auto Guard
Long straight punch with high autoguard in first frames. Dashing version is a gut punch with same guard properties.

Dragon Fang Kick / 竜牙脚
Guard Break
Splits palm strike.

Leaping Foot Slice / 飛足刀
Hop forward and kick a few times.

Neck Tightening / 首締め
Dragon mounts the opponent and chokes them between his thighs.

Skull Cracker / 頭骨砕き
Body press slam.

Triangle Jump / 三角跳

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