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Character Biography
Eye Color
Hair Color
A-Class Strider
Fighting Style(s)
He has trained his body to its utmost physical limits. He also wields the Cypher, a plasma-generating broadsword capable of cutting through anything.

Plasma sword "Cypher", sickle and chain, robotic animal helpers that he can summon at will.

Marvel vs Capcom
Playable Character (CPS2 Release)
From Strider series.
Portrayed By: Kosuke Toriumi
The strongest of the ninja Striders, his sword Sipher cuts off darkness!
Sample Movelist
Special Moves
Ame no Murakumo +
Warp +/
Super Moves
Ragnarok +
Legion +
Ouroboros +
Win Quote
Who can see the future? Those who create it.

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