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I hate April Fools Day
So how about some real news? Fighters select is back, and you can submit a new fighter there.
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Today's Anniversaries
Born 5/16/1960
Mortal Kombat 2 (Amiga)
Released 5/16/1994
Battle Arena Toshinden (R-Zone)
Released 5/16/1996
Groove on Fight (Saturn)
Released 5/16/1997
King of Fighters '99, The (WiiWare/Virtual Console)
Released 5/16/2013
Slashers (Android)
Released 05/16/2013

Recent Updates
Velma (MultiVersus) is eyeglasses
Wears corrective glasses.
Velma (MultiVersus) is orange_outfit
Best known for wearing a primarily orange costume.
Velma (MultiVersus) is short_skirt
Lower body attire consists of a short skirt, often in the Japanes...
Iron Giant (MultiVersus) is giant
Much larger than the majority of a game's cast.
Iron Giant (MultiVersus) is blank_eyes
Neither of the character's eyes have pupils.
Iron Giant (MultiVersus) is robot
An artificial life form with no organic parts.

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