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I hate April Fools Day
So how about some real news? Fighters select is back, and you can submit a new fighter there.
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Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is no_kicks
Character's arsenal consists almost entirely of punch moves, even...
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is full_beard
Character has a complete beard that covers the bottom of their en...
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is magic_user
Uses sorcery, often manifesting in a full gamut of elemental atta...
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is purple_outfit
Best known for wearing a primarily purple costume.
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is topknot
Hair is worn in a topknot style, which is common amongst sumo wre...
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is open_shirt
Wears a shirt or other top that is open in the middle, thus expos...
Blue Giant (Fearless Pinocchio) is sound_control
The ability to manipulate sound via sonic screams or another mean...
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is cravat
Wears the neckcloth known as the cravat, which is commonly associ...
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is amputee
Missing one or more body parts.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is rapier
Wields a rapier or similar thin, piercing sword in battle.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is pirate
Involved in piracy and general swashbuckling activities.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is tricorne
Wears a three cornered hat probably with the brim turned up, a lo...
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is longhair
Unbraided hair that reaches past a character's shoulders.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is red_outfit
Best known for wearing a primarily red costume.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is claws
Wields claws or talons.
Hook (Fearless Pinocchio) is feathered
Can be seen wearing one or more feathers in their outfit.

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